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Weight Gainer

Another form of proteinpulver are weight gainer . Weight Gainer is a combination of protein and carbohydrate in powder form. Weight Gainer is super effective if you have difficulty taking on. 
As with protein powder, you should consume Weight gainer after workout, when your muscles need nutrients to grow. The product can also be used multiple times during the day when Weight Gainer is a quick source of calories your body needs to build muscle mass.

Casein Protein
Casein Protein is also a surplus product from the production of milk and whey protein. What distinguishes the casein protein from the whey protein is that it is not absorbed as rapidly in the body as the whey protein.
Casein absorbed into the body over a period of six to eight hours, and therefore called casein also for the slow protein. That is precisely why casein a really good kosttilskud before going to sleep, because the protein will be recorded throughout the night.
By taking casein before going to sleep, you preserve the body optimal growth conditions through the night.

Creatine is a dietary supplement that can be used to increase your performance when it comes to strength. By taking kreatinpulver increased muscle content of creatine and improves performance.
Creatine is a natural substance found in particular in our muscles. It is found in meat and fish, but is also formed naturally in the body. This has important implications for the ability to perform hard physical work. Precisely therefore proteintilskud help increase your performance when training strength. Likewise, creatine help to provide less muscle soreness and improved recovery after training. 
Creatine can be obtained in powder form and is taken by touching it up in the liquid optionally together with protein powder for training. You should only take about 3 grams a day and only for a limited period. If you follow the instructions on the kreatinprodukt you buy, the majority of people experience significant improvement in your strength in the gym.